Writing as a passion to a profession

Professional Writer in Progress

Welcome to my blog - I'm Michael. I used to love writing while I was at school and would often start a number of novels (which were never going to be finished). After I left school and landed myself a full-time job I fell out of practice. This passion wouldn't show itself for some years. I tried my hand in video game development but it was never fulfilling to me. I love video games so I'd like to merge that love with my passion for writing and dive into story writing for video games.

This is my own personal space that I have carved into the internet to flex my creative muscles and let loose my thoughts and interests. Mainly it's a place to practice my writing skills as it's been a few years so they need some work. It fills me with excitement to think about sharing my creations with the world and hearing what you think.

I'd also love to connect with all of you and my social media link can be found on the contact page.

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